First webcomic 'A DEAD GOOD FRIEND'
by James Mulholland

Hello everyone,


Today I uploaded my first web-comic. A DEAD GOOD FRIEND. 

A month ago I set myself a challenge. To write 3 short stories in 1 day. To give them stories to 3 different artists to draw, with no re-write. The only thing I could do is one lettering pass before I posted it online. This challenge was to push myself to getting something written only once, without re-writes to see how I could do If I was ever put under that sort of pressure in the future. 

The first 3 stories are, 'A DEAD GOOD FRIEND', 'THREE ARROWS, FOUR TARGETS' and as of now 'UNTITLED' (Will have a title before uploading). These 3 stories should be uploaded in March 2014.

Then I currently wrote another 2 short stories, they should be up in April.

I hope youe enjoy. If you like my stories then follow me on twitter for updates on my journey to becoming a published comic book writer and also a film / tv writer. 



James Mulholland

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